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Cassie Kozyrkov
4 min readJun 21, 2024

HBR estimates 80% of AI projects fail. Don’t let your projects meet this fate.

There are two ways to implement AI in your organization:

  1. Create frameworks to build & deploy enterprise automation systems at scale
  2. Leverage the right AI tools to fuel productivity and efficiency

I’ve created a new course to help business leaders and aspiring leaders kick their bad AI habits. If you can think of someone who’ll benefit from some enterprise AI savvy, please share this enrollment link with them: 🌟https://bit.ly/cassiemaven1🌟

In the course, I’ll break down everything you need to know about safely implementing AI in your enterprise and actually driving revenue. The course features lectures from my friends Dan Guido and Nick Sonnenberg (scroll down for bios), each a leading expert on one of these two polar approaches to enterprise AI.

The first cohort starts 🌟tomorrow🌟 and covers:

  • How to evaluate AI use cases within your company
  • Frameworks for ideating, scoping, testing, and deploying AI systems
  • AI illusions to avoid and how to set AI expectations in your org
  • How GenAI systems differ from traditional machine learning
  • Leveraging AI tools for more efficient, productive orgs
  • Keeping your company’s data safe and secure
  • Evaluating vendors and working with external AI systems
  • Combining the right skillsets and roles to build the data team you need
  • … and much, much more

Join us for live teaching sessions and live Q+As.

Enroll here: 🌟https://bit.ly/cassiemaven1🌟

About the lecturers

For those who haven’t met me yet

Cassie Kozyrkov pioneered the field of Decision Intelligence and served as Google’s first Chief Decision Scientist, advised senior leadership on decision process, AI strategy, and building data-driven organizations. She combines an academic background in mathematical statistics, psychology, and cognitive neuroscience with a decade of executive experience at Google to help leaders optimize their biggest decisions and leverage data to drive better business outcomes. Known for her entertaining courses, Cassie personally trained over 20,000 Googlers in data-driven decision-making. One of her most popular courses has been viewed over 150,000 times on YouTube. Cassie also writes extensively on AI, data science, and decision making. Her writing has garnered an audience of over a million followers across her social channels and Medium blog. Cassie is a sought after keynote speaker for global tech conferences and Fortune 500 companies.

Dan Guido

Dan Guido is the CEO of Trail of Bits, a cybersecurity firm he founded in 2012 to address software security challenges with cutting-edge research. In his tenure leading Trail of Bits, Dan has grown the team to 80 engineers, led the team to compete in the DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge, built an industry-leading blockchain security practice, and refined open-source tools for the endpoint security market. In addition to his work at Trail of Bits, he’s active on the boards of four early-stage technology companies. Dan contributes to cybersecurity policy papers from RAND, CNAS, and Harvard. He runs Empire Hacking, a 1,500-member meetup group focused on NYC-area cybersecurity professionals. His latest hobby coding project — AlgoVPN — is the Internet’s most recommended self-hosted VPN. In prior roles, Dan taught a capstone course on software exploitation at NYU as a faculty member and the Hacker in Residence, consulted at iSEC Partners (now NCC Group), and worked as an incident responder for the Federal Reserve System.

Nick Sonnenberg

Nick Sonnenberg is the founder and CEO of Leverage, a business efficiency consultant, Inc. columnist and author of the book Idea to Execution. His book, Come Up for Air, is a WSJ bestseller. As a serial entrepreneur with a passion for productivity and a background in data science, Nick’s mission is to create companies that disrupt the way people work by leveraging the power of outsourcing, remote teams, common tools, and automation. Nick has worked with individuals and companies of all sizes, including Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham, Joe Polish, Ethereum and more.

Bonus fun fact

I’ve known Dan about an hour longer than Nick, since I met them at the same party in New York a few years ago. It hadn’t occurred to me until a moment ago that it’s a fun coincidence that I know my favorite efficiency expert and my favorite security expert thanks to one particular rooftop.

I met this guy there too, but he was busy this weekend and couldn’t join to give the guest lecture on A-meow.

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