Here’s to a brilliant 2024!

A personal update for my readers

Cassie Kozyrkov
5 min readJan 1, 2024

Happy new year, dear friends! If you’ve never encountered me before, whoops, sorry — this blog post is probably not the place to start getting to know one another. This one’s for my friends and followers who have been wondering what I’ve gotten up to since my big career change last year. If you’re not here for the updates, may I recommend fleeing this page and heading to any other of my blog posts for your enjoyment? Choose your own adventure among these topics:

Still here? Time for the updates!

Here are some of my moments from 2023 that I’m most proud to share with you:

✌ Having the courage to spread my wings and leave my position as Google’s Chief Decision Scientist after almost 10 years there. (Here’s my blog post about how and why I took the leap:

💪 Managing to stay kind, balanced, cheerful, and there for my family as I navigate being CEO of not one but two startups (the advising/speaking one that I’ve been public about and the secret AI one that’s so stealth I’ve never mentioned it before).

🤫 Finding a (stellar) co-founder. You will freak out when you find out who it is… all in good time.

✨ Growing as a professional speaker as I strive to be the most approachable, sensible, inspiring, and funny voice on the topic of AI and human potential. I spoke in front of over 50,000 people (in person!) in places like New York, Oslo, Lisbon, Rio de Janeiro, London, Istanbul, Las Vegas, Belgrade, Copenhagen, Riyadh, San Francisco, Montreal, and Milan.

People keep asking me what my secret is, so let me spill the beans. The reason I’m different from other AI speakers is my unique background:

🤖 Decades of being a professional in AI, data, and decision science.

🎭 A lifetime of being a theatre nerd. Why did I do so much theatre training in my spare time? To feed my soul and because it’s fun. Or maybe for the same reason people climb Everest.. just to see how strong they can get if they push themselves. Going pro was a totally unplanned happy accident. But that’s the secret of what’s different about me as a speaker:

AI professional + lifelong theatre training = a damn good show.

This year, I’m planning to do even more speaking — go big or go home! If you’re keen to help me go even bigger (or if you’re frustrated by the gender imbalance you’re seeing in speaker lineups), please share my booking form with everyone you know who might be looking for speakers in 2024:

🌟 Creating a fun online course to help everyone improve their decision-making (free here if you have a LinkedIn account: )

✍ Becoming a better writer and growing my Medium blog to 170k+ followers (whoa, that’s close to a one quarter of the size of the biggest *publication* on the platform). I also signed with an awesome book agent. (Let’s do this!) By the way, my last blog post was all about the science of motivation and self-control, which you might find handy as you start the new year:

But enough about me! What are your proudest achievements of 2023 and what are your goals for 2024? Let me know on social media — I’m excited to hear from you. 💖

Thanks for reading!

If you want to say thank you, I appreciate shares and retweets. If you’re keen to read more of my writing, most of the links in this article take you to my other musings.

How about a course?

If you had fun here and you’re looking for an unboring leadership-oriented course designed to delight AI beginners and experts alike, here’s a little something I made for you:

Course link:

Prefer to hone your decision skills instead of building your AI muscles? You can learn decision intelligence from me via this link to my free course:

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