What you won’t learn from books about data and decision-making

A reading list that almost teaches you about decision intelligence

Cassie Kozyrkov


My community has been asking me for a reading list of my favorite books about decision-making, data science, and decision intelligence, so here are the fruits of my attempt to compile some recommendations for you.

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I’d love to suggest one great book for everyone to start with, but unfortunately, the perfect book hasn’t been written yet. Here’s the next best thing…

Category: “hi, i’m a stack of textbooks”

Best feature: Highest nutritional density.
Missing piece: Designed to put you to sleep unless you’re super-motivated.
Examples: Introduction to Statistical Learning, ML Engineering Book, Handbook of Experimental Economics, Decision Analysis

Category: “humans are silly”

Best feature: Amusing reminders that we aren’t flawless decision-makers.
Missing piece: We get it. People are silly. But how do we improve?? (????!)
Examples: How We Know What Isn’t So, Thinking Fast and Slow, Predictably Irrational

Category: “human brains are silly”

Best feature: Human brains are fascinating and the research makes for interesting dinner party conversation.
Missing piece: Whoops, there’s very little here about improving your skills.
Examples: Decisions Uncertainty and the Brain, Neuroeconomics

Category: “economics can be pretty cool”

Best feature: Gets you thinking about choice architecture and incentives.
Missing piece: Pitched to convince you to hire/become an economist, so the casual reader has to dig between the lines to find skills upgrades.
Examples: Nudge, The Why Axis, Misbehaving

Category: “decision-making for beginners”

Best feature: Decision analysis tips to help you improve as a decision-maker.
Missing piece: You won’t…



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